Havana is a fictional cigar company founded in 1963, shortly after President John F. Kennedy expanded the trade embargo to include cigars. Politicians, bussinessmen, and celebrities found ways to acquire the coveted Havana black cigars, and Torez’s business boomed. The cigars shown are the 50 year anniversary of the company's original black cigars, reflecting the political turmoil of the time.

This cigar box draws heavily from the pressing political turmoil occurring between American and Cuban news papers of 1960's when the company was founded. The exterior panel features a collage of exclamatory 1960's news headlines, and the text on the inside of the cigar box that explains the importance of Havana's special anniversary edition is designed to resemble the layout of a traditional newspaper article. The cigars have been wrapped in the newsprint paper that has been printed with the same newspaper motif to carry the theme through each element of the piece.